De Karaso Simplon - an Exotic Cabrio Car
Renting the car, price-conditions:
  • for Resita and localities at max 50 km: 60 Euro/hour, min 150 Euro (2.5 hours without breaks)
  • for other localities: at the minimum sum of 150 Euro is added 0.6 Euro/km (1.2 Euro/km for both directions) for distances overpassing the 50 km. There are offered, corresponding the sum, hours of car exploitation at the price of 60 Euro/hour
  • during the night or in case of long term utilization, breaks in the programme, the solicitant will assure the drivers accommodation and the safe parking of the car
  • there is requested a 50% advance payment

It is an unique exotic cabrio car, individually homologated , manufactured in the style of the 1950' years' roadsters (one piece fiberglass reinforced poliestheric resine body, mounted on a Dacia SuperNova infrastructure with E7J Renault engine - 1390 cm3, 75 CP, 114 Nm).


Finishes: ecological leather upholstery, wooden dashboard, moquette, nickeled exterior ornaments, manually engraved emblems, all made as unique pieces.