Our Credo and History

Our credo is that by approaching the challenges at the frontier between art, engineering and business we will succeed together with the customers to "make the impossible become possible".

The name "De Karaso" is that of the Caras (Severin) county with the residence in Resita. Here has appeared this initiative that aspires to be a successfull continuation of more than 230 years of industrial tradition.

The name "Simplon" as common noun (the simplon) was used in the 30's - 40's for the luxurious train Orient Express (Paris-Istanbul) which passes through the homonimous swiss tunnel. In Romania the simplon was propeled by a famous "built in Resita" steamengine.

As an inspiration source we mention the famous streamengines built in Resita between 1872 - 1964, that now became an honour emblem of the city.